Last Database Update: August 12, 2014

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A Line in the Sand update

Database files for complete and ivory are now in the downloads section. Still waiting on a few more images to be posted to the Oracle before having the image pack ready, but almost...

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The Coming Storm update

The Coming Storm has now been put into the database files. I am still working on the image pack, and hope to have that up soon.

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Ivory Edition Update

Here it is! The XML files have been updated with Ivory Edition! There is an Ivory-only version, and a complete version. A few things to note are:

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Aftermath Database Update

The XML files for Emperor-only and Complete are up, as well as the image pack for Aftermath. Five promos added to the XML as well, though have not yet updated the promotionals image pack.

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Gates of Chaos database update

The XML files for Emperor-only and Complete are up, as well as the image pack for Gates of Chaos. I know a few promos were added onto the mix as well, though I know at least one of those does not have an associated image yet.

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Imperial Assembly Promo Pack added to cards database

The Imperial Assembly Promo Pack cards have now been added to the database, and the image pack has been updated to include the images, as well. I'm sure there were a few other errors corrected as well, though I don't recall what specifically.

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Coils of Madness database update

It's MADNESS!!! Or at least, it's done. Image pack will go up once everything's in Oracle, sans censored flavor text.

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Imperial Taxation

It's that time of year! Unfortunately, I don't mean kotei season. Once again,'s hosting bills are coming due, and I need to beg for donations to cover my costs (particularly because I'm currently unemployed). So, if you'd like to donate, please use the little "Donate" link over on the left, or click here

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Torn Asunder database update

The XML files for both Emperor-only and Complete are both now uploaded, as well as an updated filters.xml.

The image pack, well... we'll see. We're kinda still waiting on the Oracle to update Honor and Treachery, so not sure how much we can depend on Torn Asunder images at this point.

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New User Accounts

Due to the absolutely insane amount of spam user accounts attempted over the last few weeks, and the fact that blocking IPs hasn't made a damn bit of difference, I am changing the site over requiring Administrator (that's me!) account creation for now. If you wish to create a user account, you can send me a private message, or contact me through the AEG Forums or the facebook groups "L5R" or "Egg of P'an Ku", and I will set you up an account.


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